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Christmas Cardigan Pattern for Blythe-Type Dolls

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So, you'd love to have a sweater for Blythe for Blythe Christmas time - with this knitting pattern you can knit one for any Blythe-type doll and enjoy it all season round!

Whether you are looking for a simple but stylish pattern or you are a more experienced knitter but just don't want the hassle of designing right now - we have you covered.

Purchasing this pattern, you will get clear, step-by-step instructions on how to knit this lovely special-occasion design:
- a cardigan with real buttonholes and buttons,
- seamed at the sides for an enhanced finished/structured look,
- with raglan (diagonal) sleeves to facilitate arm movement,
- with traditional ribbing at the bottom and sleeve hems,
- with a lovely shirt-like collar,
- allowing an infinite number of two-color colorways (you are not restricted to the sample Christmas red and green, off course, and you can obviously knit the whole sweater in one color or in any combination of them),
- ready-made instructions for buttons on the other side, just in case your doll is a boy!
- last, but definitely not least: with an (optional) intarsia pattern of a Christmas tree at the back : )

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